How do I sponsor an employee for a permanent job offer?

As an employer, you can do a lot to help a worker come to the U.S. legally. You have the ability to sponsor the employment for immigration and permanent resident status.

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, you will be able to sponsor your employees who live in another country for an employment visa. This visa will allow him or her to live here as a legal resident and may also allow the worker to bring his or her family into the country.

Employer forms

You may need to file the Application for Permanent Labor Certification. You get this from the U.S. Department of Labor.

You will need to file Form I-140 with the USCIS. This is the Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker. The form allows you to show your intent to hire the worker. It also establishes the employee-employer relationship and verifies the employee has skills for the job. It will set your employee up for his or her own application process.

Employee application

Your employee must qualify for an employment-based immigrant visa category. These include priority workers, professionals with advanced degrees or persons with exceptional ability, professional or skilled workers and special immigrants.

Your employee will have to apply for a visa in the correct category. He or she will still have to go through the immigration process that requires providing documentation and completing interviews. He or she must qualify for a visa on his or her own. Your sponsorship only validates the request and ensures the USCIS understands the immigrant has viable employment awaiting him or her in the U.S.