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In any legal matter, the key is finding an experienced lawyer who will help formulate a strategic plan and then execute that plan with diligence, skill and success. An essential part of the strategic plan is YOU. Matt will always involve YOU in reviewing the discovery, exploration of viable defenses, plea negotiations, and trial strategy. Here at the Law Office of Matthew J. Kappel, PC, you will never feel left in the dark.


When presented with any legal matter, you may find there are no easy answers or quick resolutions — and you may quickly become overwhelmed. Matt has 20 years of experience as a trial lawyer, and as a two-time survivor of cancer, he is well-prepared in managing stressful situations. Utilizing both his legal and real-life experiences, he has successfully represented hundreds of clients in a wide variety of legal areas by helping them analyze their situation, manage their stress and implement the best course of legal action.

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Matt has significant experience representing clients charged with narcotics, white collar, fraud, and financial crimes in U.S. District Courts in South and North Carolina.

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Matt has helped hundreds of non-U.S. citizens in state and federal courts preserve and protect their immigration status while facing criminal charges. As far back as 2002, he addressed the Greenville County Bar Association and urged them to advise non-U.S. citizen clients of the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction.

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Matt is a highly qualified, instrument-rated private pilot having accumulated more than 1,400 hours of flying experience. With his legal and aviation training, he is well-positioned to advise clients in FAA enforcement proceedings, aviation accidents and general aviation litigation. He also volunteers for Angel Flight, accepting several missions each year flying burn and cancer patients from their home towns to their medical providers.

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Matt has represented numerous clients involved in small business disputes and personal injury mattes. His level of intensity in trying cases is not limited to criminal matters. He will apply the same level of preparation and aggressive representation in civil matters as well.

Attorney Kappel
Attorney Kappel


Matt was born and raised in Atlanta and graduated from The Lovett School. In 1988, he moved to South Carolina to attend the College of Charleston and, for the most part, has been in South Carolina ever since. He graduated from the College of Charleston in 1992 and University of South Carolina Law School in 1997. From 1992 to 1994, he lived in Washington, D.C., working in the regulatory department of a Texas natural gas company.

After graduation from law school, Matt joined the Greenville County prosecutor’s office where he was assigned to the drug unit. During his 3.5 years as a prosecutor, Matt tried over a dozen serious felony cases to a jury verdict. In 2001, he opened his practice and has now accumulated more than 20 years of experience as a trial lawyer.

On a personal level, Matt spends his free time with his wife and two children. He is also an avid bird hunter and part-time golfer.


“Thanks so much for being a friend as well as a lawyer to me. You are a fine man who cares about his clients.”

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