Drug charges pending after high-speed chase in South Carolina

High-speed chases involving law enforcement pose a significant risk to officers and to the general public. Nevertheless, a high-ranking authority in Chester County, South Carolina, seems satisfied with the outcome upon apprehending three men after a pursuit that lasted for miles and reached speeds of 90 miles per hour. A search of the car yielded substances believed to be illegal drugs, and the three men are in custody pending charges.

As part of an ongoing investigation, authorities conducted surveillance of a vehicle and found that the license plate did not match. The occupants of the vehicle reportedly fled when law enforcement attempted to pull them over.

The resulting chase took place over multiple county roads, including Aaron Burr, Henry, Rodman and Old York. Authorities arrested one of the three men after he bailed out of the car during the chase. A crash of the pursued vehicle ended the chase, at which time law enforcement made an arrest of the other two men.

Authorities seized alleged drugs, believed to be cocaine and methamphetamine, from the vehicle. They then took the three men to the hospital for evaluation. It is unknown whether any of them sustained an injury, but it appears that they were well enough to leave the hospital as they went to county jail shortly thereafter. Neither the chase nor the crash of the three men’s car resulted in injury to any law enforcement officer or member of the public.

In the eyes of law enforcement, fleeing the scene is a perceived indication of guilt, and authorities are often quick to pursue. Those facing allegations of drug crimes may wish to contact an attorney for assistance with the case.