Tips for dealing with law enforcement

It is easy for law enforcement to intimidate. It seems to part of the job, refined by years of dealing with criminals and those who do not respect law enforcement. But it is important to remember that local, state and federal law enforcement is to protect and serve the community. Unfortunately, they may have different ideas of what that job description means, which can lead to intimidating ordinary citizens and undocumented immigrants.

Tips for protecting loved ones if they show up

It can be scary to have law enforcement or ICE officers show up at your home. Maybe they came there by mistake, or perhaps someone called them. It is important to remain calm and keep the door closed — according to the American Civil Liberties Union, they cannot come in unless those living there invite them, but it is best to keep the door shut.

Other important rights

Citizens and non-citizens have Constitutional rights here in the United States. These include:

  • People have a right to remain silent, even when they have a warrant.
  • Only certain warrants get law enforcement in the door.
  • An arrest warrant allows them to enter the home in search of a suspect.
  • A removal/deportation warrant does not allow access to a home.

An attorney can provide guidance

Those taken away because of an arrest warrant are still innocent until they are proven guilty. A lawyer who understands criminal law and immigration law can be a tremendous help in protecting those arrested. Even when the charges are not accurate, the real damage could be that innocent people are separated from their families and deported.