Deported veteran gets second chance at citizenship

Those working through the immigration (and potentially naturalization) process in South Carolina know that any questions regarding their personal conduct can jeopardize their prospects. After working so hard to see the cycle through, having it derailed due to something like a criminal charge is often disheartening. The devastation of such a setback may even deter many from trying to undertake the process again.

Yet a denial of entry (or even something as serious as a deportation) does not necessarily signal the end of one’s hopes for a visa, green card or even citizenship. Indeed, those who persevere in the process despite setbacks may ultimately see their efforts rewarded.

Veteran earns citizenship following deportation

The story of a Texas man recently granted citizenship serves to illustrate this point. Despite two previous deportations, the man continued to seek re-entry into the country to reunite with his family. His efforts finally paid off due to the reason for his deportations. Though originally deported due to multiple DUI offenses, he later discovered (with the help of his attorneys) that his convictions did not legally mandate deportation. According to the local Fox affiliate, His chance at citizenship came due to his having honorably served in the U.S. military during the first Gulf War.

Perseverance in the immigration process

While many may understand how downtrodden and desperate a setback in the immigration and naturalization process may leave one, this story shows how continued effort towards one’s end goal is still achievable. Of course, achieving such an outcome might be more difficult when one must work the process on their own. There are, however, extensive legal resources available to provide assistance. Such assistance may ultimately be the difference in successfully crossing the proverbial immigration finish line.