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Category: Criminal Defense for Immigrants

How marriage and visas work

There are two simple ways for an immigrant to get into the country without brushing shoulders with the law. A US citizen will go to

Your rights during an immigration raid

The government is waging a war on immigrants across the country. South Carolina is among the battlefields. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has targeted the

The future of DACA remains unknown

Every state in the country, including South Carolina, has its share of residents that have come to the United States from some other nation. When

Your constitutional rights as a noncitizen

You may be under the impression that constitutional rights only apply to U.S. citizens. Perhaps you have heard something to that effect from government officials

Crimes involving moral turpitude

In immigration law, many offenses may fall under the category known as crimes involving moral turpitude. Immigrants who are seeking to become lawful permanent residents

Crimes that bring deportation into play

Noncitizens in the United States have a hard enough time with the bureaucracy and paperwork involved in maintaining a residency, let alone the wrench that

Do I have the right to remain silent?

Particularly if you are not currently a U.S. citizen, understanding what rights you have when dealing with law enforcement is vital. Many of the privileges

Deported veteran gets second chance at citizenship

Those working through the immigration (and potentially naturalization) process in South Carolina know that any questions regarding their personal conduct can jeopardize their prospects. After