Are you eligible for a green card through employment?

As someone looking to permanently relocate to South Carolina, you want to know what your immigration options are. Some offer you the ability to stay in the country for years. Others allow you to work freely while staying here.

A green card might be a good place for you to start. After all, many different people are eligible for green cards for different reasons.

Eligibility through your employment

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services goes into detail about eligibility for green cards. There are many different forms of eligibility. A few examples include eligibility through family, through work and through refugee or asylee status.

Going through employment is one of the most common methods of obtaining a green card. You must still meet certain requirements to do so, though.

First, second and third preference immigrant workers

First, you can hold status as a first preference immigrant worker. This means you are either an outstanding professor or teacher, or a multinational executive or manager. For the latter, you must still meet certain additional requirements. Immigrants with extraordinary skill in arts, sciences, business, athletics or education also apply.

Next, you can hold status as a second preference immigrant worker. This means you are seeking a national interest waiver or are in a profession that requires a high degree. If you have exceptional abilities in business, art or science, you fall under this category.

Finally, you can hold status as a third preference immigrant worker. These skilled workers have a minimum of 2 years experience or professionals with a bachelor’s degree. Unskilled workers also fall under this category, meaning your job involves unskilled labor.